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Interested in being a TRC Beta reader?


The Ravens Crossing (TRC) is an LGBTQ friendly project. It’s a YA sci-fi fantasy series, set in a fictional world within a real city.

Originally, TRC started as a web-series, separated into seasons. Stories were published Monday-Saturday. Each season was then e-published. Seasons one through three were about the Thirteen and a prophecy involving them. Seasons five and six, and three prequel books, were called Kith & Kin, and revolved around the prophecy and what the Thirteen didn’t know. These two seasons and the prequels were about the younger siblings of the Thirteen and several new characters.

We are rebooting the series and need beta readers. We need readers who are interested in being part of a transmedia project. While we may not be able to offer monetary compensation for your assistance, we can offer free copies of the e-books, acknowledgement in the final versions, and references or internship opportunities. We will also provide a list of questions/concerns for you to consider while reading.

If you are interested, please contact: Jamie Nare at with “TRC: Interested Beta Reader” in the subject line. Please include any information you feel we should know about you and if you are interested in a reference or internship.

Thanks in advance. We really do appreciate all of our readers.


Wildwood GPS


Coming in 2016

The Ravens Crossing returns...


Hiatus Announcement

For three years we have run The Ravens Crossing on the power of a small group of volunteers. This has been a true labor of love for all of us, but at this time everyone needs a break.

We know that our readers are waiting for the stories to continue and we want to reassure you that we are coming back.

For now, we need some time off.

Thank you for supporting us. And please continue to spread the word and encourage others to purchase our books at Amazon. The more books we sell the sooner we can return to Luc, Riley, Morgan, Holly, Kaz, Quinn, Darcy, Elliot, Sharon, Alex, Suya, Raiden, Hemp, Rowan, Wayde, Carson, Lani, Darien, Sera, Keenan, and all of the other cast who populate Wildwood, Annodox, and the Portals.


Wildwood Tides 6.4.2

By Amanda Corlies


Stepping onto the beach usually washed all of Lani’s worries away. Today was proving to be the exception to that rule. The moment Darien’s signature had disappeared from Wildwood, Lani had felt a sharp stabbing pain in his chest. That had been followed by a dull ache that he couldn’t seem to get rid of, an ache that seemed to be steadily building by the hour. He propped his board on a palm tree, and flopped down in the white sand of Annodox. He wasn’t sure he wanted to walk all the way across the beach to the water.

After days with pretty much no sleep, following more than one argument with Darien, and three whole days of Dare’s best avoidance maneuvers, Lani was hollowed out. He’d tried pushing Dare into talking as a last ditch effort. Serious hiddie! Now Dare had gone off the reservation, probably to Montreal, if Lani had to guess.

So, Lani figured, what the hell? The beach couldn’t hurt. He listened to the crashing waves, looking at the early morning surfers without really seeing them. He found himself wondering, instead, about the strange looks Dr. Reid had given him when Lani had asked for a travel pass. What was that about? That guy was kind of lolo.

A seriously hot tattooed body slid into view, capturing Lani’s attention. He’d know those tattoos anywhere. He found himself smiling despite his crazy life. He watched Aren ride his wave almost to the shore. He hopped off his board and turned to watch someone else slide smoothly onto the beach. Lani did a double take when he saw Alex throwing his arms in the air like he’d just made a touchdown. Aren threw back his head and laughed, then hugged the guy. They were whooping and jumping around in the surf like fools. Even as depressed as he was, Lani couldn’t help but smile.

Standing, Lani brushed the sand from his shorts as he walked over. His steps slowed when he heard Alex speak in a stilted surfer accent. “That wind was onshore, brah! I was in totally in the soup.”

Aren laughed until he doubled over. “Oh, mon. Such a Barney,” he managed to wheeze out the words.

“What?” Alex’s smug expression had disappeared along with his weird accent. “What did I say this time?”

Aren shook his head and laughed harder, holding a hand up in a classic wait gesture. Alex watched, trying not to smile.

“I think you meant the wind is offshore, and you were in the pocket,” Lani supplied.

“Great! Just what I need. Another one who’s fluent in surfer speak.” Alex rolled his eyes, but he pulled Lani in for a one armed hug. “Now, I can feel like a total kook. Why can’t you guys just speak English?”

“Hey now! Nobody calls you no kook, mon.” Aren had stopped laughing. He stood and absentmindedly held out his fist for a bump with Lani. “Hello! Jamaican. We speak English, mon. If yu waa good, yu nose affi run!” He gave Alex a playful punch.

“Huh?”Alex gave him a blank stare, rubbing at his arm. “Dude! I hate to break it to you, but that is not English.”

Lani found himself grinning again. “Actually it’s Patois. Which is mostly English.” Both of them turned scowls on him. Lani shrugged. “I’m just saying.”

“Don’t tell me you translate when he goes all Jamaican like that.” Alex pointed a finger at Aren.

“Sometimes. He just said if you want results you have to work hard, meaning you should study our lingo a little harder before you try to use it, am I right?” Lani turned to Aren.

A warm smile grew on Aren’s face as he nodded. He stepped over and gave Lani a long hug. “Whatta gwaan?”

“Mi deh Yah,” Lani answered the way Aren had taught him, not really feeling ok, but what else was he supposed to say?

Aren hugged him closer. “You look like shit,” he muttered into Lani’s ear, sending a tremor through him.

“Been a rough few days.” Lani let himself cling for a while. Then he pushed back. “Anyway, you didn’t look like a novice at all, Alex.” Lani waved a hand to indicate the ocean. “That’s the most important thing. Might even drop into a barrel soon, yeah?”

Alex barked out a laugh. “Now you’re blowing smoke up my ass, but thanks…brah” Alex tacked that last on as an afterthought. “You look even worse than Darien did this morning. I didn’t think that was possible.” Alex threw an arm around Lani’s shoulder.

“What do you mean this morning?” It was barely after daybreak Annodox time. “Is he here?” Lani craned his neck trying to see beyond his friends.

Alex gave him a weird look. “Got in last night. Figured you were together.”

Sending out his feelers, Lani caught Darien’s signature. It was somewhere near the Hanging Gardens. “Where’s he staying? I mean, if he’s not staying with you at Broussard’s villa, then where? And what’s he doing here? I was sure he’d go to Montreal.”

Alex held up both hands and shrugged. “He’s probably staying at the villa. I’m not staying with Pierre and Ben this weekend. I’m at Aren’s.”

Lani wondered what that was about.

“What’s going on with you?” Aren stepped closer, ducking his head to meet Lani’s eyes.

Not sure he should tell any more people about the Bond, Lani hesitated. Alex already knew, of course. And Aren had been helping him with all things Water for months now. But, Dare didn’t like people up in his chops about stuff. After a few seconds, Lani decided too freaking bad. He needed some freaking help. He took a deep breath and let it all come pouring out.

“Darien and I just found out we’re Bonding. He’s kind of flipping out, man. Actually, we both are. This is some freaky shit. I’m not ready. He’s not ready. How can anyone be ready?” He scrubbed a hand over his scalp. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to rub his head raw.

“Wow. Dude. That’s some heavy shit.” Somehow it helped to have Aren understand.

“Let me guess. Darien is avoiding you?” Alex put an arm over Lani’s shoulder again.

Lani nodded, letting himself lean against Alex’s strong frame. “I don’t know what to do.” He felt a painful need to follow Darien, even now, to be near him, to let the Bond complete. But, if Darien didn’t want to, then what? Was there even a way to stop it? Because, the last thing Lani wanted was to force himself on someone he loved.

“I have this terrible need to go after him, to make him talk. But, what if that’s just the Bond pushing? I’m not sure. All I know is, the more I let him avoid me, the more it feels like he’s slipping away, like I might never catch him.” Lani felt his cheeks grow hot at the admission, but he couldn’t seem to stop the words from pouring out of his mouth.

Aren cupped his cheek, looking him right in the eyes. “Fowl whe feed a yard nu hard fi ketch.”

 “Now that one I don’t know.” Lani gave Aren an apologetic look.

“Thank the Annos. I’d have felt really stupid if you did,” Alex said.

“Made you smile, yeah?” Aren raised a brow. When Lani nodded he explained, “I said, it’s easy to catch someone who runs away if they depend on you for something essential. That boy loves you. You didn’t force that, and neither did this Bond. The love was already there, yeah? Focus on that, brah.”

Alex started to laugh. Lani scowled, wondering what the hell he was finding so funny in this hiddie.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just I was remembering one particular night. Some of Amyntas’ sage advice.” Alex blew out a breath and looked off into the distance for a moment, obviously reliving a memory. “That was some night.” He seemed to bring himself back to the present.

“Well?” Lani made a bring-it-on motion with his hand.

“What?” Alex asked.

“What was Amyntas’ advice?”

“Didn’t I say? I thought I said.”

Lani and Aren both shook their heads.

“Sorry. He told us to share the love.”

“Huh.” Lani wasn’t quite sure how that applied to him right now, but Alex seemed to think it did. “Listen, thanks. I have to…you know…”

“Go get him,” Aren turned Lani toward his board and gave him a gentle push.

“Thanks,” Lani called out over his shoulder. He had his board stored at his parent’s new apartment in town, his hiking shoes on, a pack on his back, and he was heading up the mountain in no time. It was no problem to track Darien’s distant Gaea signature. Lani didn’t let himself begin to think about what to do or say when he caught up.

With each step he took towards Darien, Lani was more and more certain he was heading in the right direction. He felt less hollow. The dull ache around his heart began to slowly disappear.

He stepped into the clearing at the Annos temple to find Darien standing outside staring up at it. Lani hesitated, trying to decide what to do or say as everything that had been off kilter in his world began to slide back into place. Dare slowly turned to face him.

“I felt you coming.” Dare walked over and stopped in front of Lani. He held up one hand, fingers spread.

Lani’s hand seemed to reach out of its own accord. Their fingers tangled together.

“Thought about flashing away, but what would be the point? It’s not like I want to run from you.” Darien squeezed his hand. “I’m just not sure I’m ready for this.”

And just like that, it felt like Lani broke the surface of some deep well he’d been sinking in, he took a gulp of fresh air. He couldn’t have said a single word at that moment if his life depended on it. So, he pulled Darien against him and wrapped him up tight.

“I’m scared, Lani.” Darien whispered the words into Lani’s neck. “I’m just so scared.”